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At Tikal in Gautemala.
First off, I am Emily Paxman! Hello, and welcome.

I'm an author of Young Adult and Middle Grade fiction, currently pursuing her Masters of Fine Arts in creative writing. I study at Chatham University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and am devilishly close to graduation. I'm finishing up my degree by distance, which means I got to return home to British Columbia, Canada.

I love BC and will take the rain of the westcoast over a genuinely cold winter any day, so I'm probably a bad Canadian. Among my prized "possessions" are my garden, my three cats and my five nephews. No nieces yet. I'm really good at having nephews.

I have two completed projects. One is a Middle Grade novel about cats, currently in editing, and the other is a Young Adult adventure novel that I'm querying. It's not about cats.

A few fun facts that inform my writing:

- As a child, I often wandered around in a dinosaur costume, convinced this made me a dragon. I didn't notice the lack of wings. I still love fantasy and it might ever be my truest love in fiction. Favorite books include: Harry Potter, Wicked, The Thief and Peter Pan

- When I was 7 years old, I wanted to be a zoologist and expressed this desire by writing stories about animals with magical powers because, ummm... that's what zoologists do, right? Favorite books include: Watership Down, Charlotte's Web, Silverwing and The True-Blue Scouts of Sugarman Swamp

- My mum is my partner in crime and my dad is basically Arthur Weasley. I'm the youngest of three children and am extremely close with my siblings. As a result, I love stories about family relationships. Favorite books include: Howard's End, Fangirl and Anne of Green Gables (my older brother was named after Matthew Cuthbert and my sister looks just like Anne)

- My undergraduate degree was in anthropology and so I'm obsessed with mythology and foreign cultures. I also love to travel. My first trip I ever took on my own was to Greece, because I needed to see the ruins. In May 2014, I just about lost my mind when I entered the grand plaza of Tikal. Historical fiction and books about different cultures = YES! Favorite books include: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian and Cue for Treason

- I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Mixed with my anthropology background, it means I generally find narratives about faith, religion and doubt really fascinating. Favorite books include: Where Things Come Back and the works of August Wilson

- My brother was my best friend growing up and we generally did what he wanted to do, so lots of action figures, Lego and sword fights. As a result, I get pretty jazzed when stuff blows up in books. Favorite books include: Scott Pilgrim, Divergent and The Hunger Games

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