About the Blog

Emily's Stories is devoted to celebrating good books, discussing the writing process and generally, filling you in on the life of Emily Paxman, would-be-author-extraordinaire!

My posts typically fall in one of the three following categories:

1) Book Reviews
I have it as my policy to review books that I liked and can recommend. One thing my MFA taught me is that tastes are so subjective, that I'd rather build good books up instead of stamping on books I dislike. Someone out there might like them and get something from them that I didn't.

That said, I also don't believe any book is perfect, so while the main focus of the reviews is to recommend a good book, I'll also draw attention to what could be improved or might be less appealing to some readers. This often gives way to a deeper discussion about whatever writing mechanics were used effectively or ineffectively in the featured work.

2) Topical Editorials
Closely related to the reviews are the editorials, where I focus more on a literary concept rather than an individual book. Often, particular books will be used as the jumping off point for an editorial, but the discussion won't be a full review or won't remain focused on just one story. Some editorials will focus on the experience of reading and reacting to fiction, others will be geared towards writing and creating it.

3) Writerly News
This is where the news about me goes! As I complete my journey to obtain an MFA and slog along the road of finding publication for my Young Adult and Middle Grade fiction, there should be news. Hopefully of the good kind. Stay tuned for updates about my submissions, my school progress, contests and other writing adventures! (And possibly my cats)

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