Thursday, January 30, 2014

Post the First

For a long time I've been very passionate about books, stories and everything affiliated with them and frankly, I love to talk about all of them! Writing, reading, you name it.

Maybe I'm slow on the uptake, but it kind of finally came to me that a blog might be a good place to have a conversation about books. I know, SUPER novel idea there. But anyone who wants to participate in this "book related conversation" can feel free to do so. I've got a few ideas for how I want to get this ball rolling.

So what types of posts can you expect to see here? Well! You may see...

1) Book Reviews!
Right now I am finishing up my Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and I'm specializing in writing for children and young adults. To say the least, that means I'm reading a lot while I finish up my thesis. I'm going to say right away that I don't so much plan on reviewing books that I don't like. I'd rather endorse the ones I do. That being said, no book is perfect. I hope to dissect both what makes a great story work and also what can be done to improve one. Once in a while, I may also review movies and apply the same academic rigour that goes into anything I just want to nerd out over.

2) Topical Editorials!
As mentioned, I'm finishing my Masters right now, plus I am in the process of querying my first novel. As such, I have a LOT of thoughts on a LOT of things when it comes to the craft of writing, university writing programs, querying agents and relying on cats for emotional support. Expect occasional discussions of literary tropes and tools of the trade. And rambling discourses on plot mechanics. Oh mercy, plot mechanics.

3) Writerly News!
So - let's be honest - just about EVERYTHING a writer does in life can often be spin doctored so it seems to be about writing. For instance: I own three cats and am currently writing a novel about cats. So in theory, I could just post about how my Siamese overgrooms herself. But I'll try not to do that. Look for news regarding my thesis, conferences I attend (I'm hoping to get to AWP in February!) and, of course, the ongoing slog of getting a first novel published. Hopefully this last goal won't end in depression and dejection, but hey! Even that makes a decent story. :)

Finally, expect to hear about my garden. And my cats.

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